Custom Fitted Diapers
Cotton woven Rainbow foxes on black
The HipBow - Spring Chevron
Fairytale Booties
Rainbow Monster - regular newborn - heidiOh
Custom DR WHO shorties or longies
Blue Dino Camo /w blue cotton velour - serged mult
sterling silver breastmilk calla lily necklace
Pink and Grey Stripes Wool Interlock Jecaloones -
Almond Biscotti Scrub Bar- Goat Milk Soap
Cloth on my BUM .... VARIATION TUM ...MUM - KB - D
Optional Doubler Bamboo French Terry (Macro Size)
Pink True Timber OS Ai2 w/ Bamboo Insert
Katya ~ 15 inch Waldorf inspired doll (approx $195
Little Beasties one size cloth pocket diaper; flee