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Cold Process Bar Soap - Lemongrass Body Bar
Cold Process Bar Soap - Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Cold Process Bar Soap - Pearberry
Slithern' Snakes
Mechanic's & Gardener's Scrub
Satsuma (Orange) Baff Bars
Jammin' Rock Candy Baff Bars
Cocoa Colada Baff Bars
Pina Colada Baby Baff Bars
Pina Colada Guest Size Soaps
Star Fruit and Mango Soap Bits, Mini Bag
Star Fruit and Mango Soap Bits, Medium Bag
Star Fruit and Mango Baby Baff Bars
Juicy Fruit Baff Bars
Swirly Soap
Travel Soaps
Crayon Pack
Bath Fizzies
Mouse Heads
Soap Geodes
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