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Rainbow Flower Hazelwood Bead
Princess Breastmilk jewel
Brown/Green Glass Triple Bead Hazelwood Necklace
Jade Bead Hazelwood Necklace
Blue/Purple Triple Bead Hazelwood Necklace
Purple/Pink Glass Hazelwood Necklace
Metallic Flowers Hazelwood Necklace
Metallic Bead Hazelwood Necklace
Earth Tone Wood Hazelwood Necklace
Purple Drop Hazelwood Necklace
Zodiac Breastmilk Cameo
The Petite Breastmilk Rose
Mermaid Breastmilk pendant
Vintage Breastmilk Rose
Family tree, for any pandora style bead
First curl and Breastmilk pandora style bead
Classic Breastmilk Pearl
Faceted breastmilk pandora bead
Infinity caged Breastmilk Pearl
Silver plated Swarovski birthstone chatm
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