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Infinity caged Breastmilk Pearl
Dandelion Dreamer Tassel Earrings with Turquoise
Double Rainbow Azul Pacifico Twill Tassel Earrings
Marley Cuervo Twill Wrap Wrist Cuff
Nisus Purpura Romana Diamond Weave Wrap Wrist Cuff with Cotton Lace Trim
Made with love, Sterling silver Breastmilk pearl necklace
Silver plated Swarovski birthstone chatm
Sterling silver initial tag
Sterling silver adjustable bracelet, Breastmilk pearl
Sterling silver
Sterling silver breastmilk or placenta ring
Pandora style breastmilk bead
Simple wire wrapped breastmilk pearl,sterling silver
Nestlings, sterling silver wire wrapped breastmilk pearls
Sterling silver breastfeeding/baby wearing mom chid necklace
Breastmilk/umbilical cord pear adjustablel hemp bracelet
sterling silver breastmilk calla lily necklace
From the heart, sterling silver breastmilk pearl necklace
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