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Jan 31, 2014
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Archive completed orders

It would be helpful to be able to archive orders that are completed and shipped so that I can easily see my outstanding orders that still need to be completed. I don't need to see a list of shipped orders anymore. I'd like to send them to someplace else and get them out of my way.

  1. I don't always have time to go through every order and mark it as paid, shipped, in progress, etc. I just want to be able to archive orders that I never want to see again. That way when I go to the main page I will automatically see the open orders. I don't like having a list of 100's of orders. Some that are still in progress but end up on page 3.

    Mar 08, 2014
  2. When looking at your Order History there is an option to sort it by status near the top of the page. If you selected "Paid" from that option then it would only show you new orders that have been paid for but that you have not marked as "In Progress" or "Shipped"

    Feb 05, 2014

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