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Nov 20, 2012
I'd like for it to be possible to offer a "Free shipping after X amount spent"

A lot of big stores offer free shipping on orders of over $25, $40, or $100, and so on. I would like to be able to do that in my store. I think it would really boost sales. I would like for it to be something a buyer would not have to use a discount code for. Would this be possible?

Status: Combined with this request
Apr 09, 2012
more options for coupon codes

I would really love a way to have one time use coupon codes or once per customer coupon codes. I am giving a special coupon for testers to use on their first normal order but the only way to do it as a coupon code also allows anyone to use the code and lets people use it more than once.

Status: Combined with this request
Apr 08, 2012
Congo Checkout

A lot of my customers are going back and adding more diapers to their orders within our congo (but from my shop) and can't find their way back to their selections so they can pay. Anyway to either add a cart per store within a congo or make it a bit easier for them to find the ones they got so they can pay for them?

Status: Combined with this request
Feb 10, 2012

I would love for serve (formerly known as RME) as an option for payments from customers.

Status: Combined with this request
Feb 10, 2012
coupon code

I would love an option to have a coupon code expire once it has been used.

Status: Combined with this request
Jan 23, 2012
customizing shipping by destination

Is there a way to customize shipping for additional items by destination? Adding a second item changes shipping costs dramatically for international locations. Right now, I have additional shipping charges for international buyers listed in Choices, on top of the additional item charge. But buyers don't always choose the right combination of shipping options, and if I have to send a new invoice, it's inconvenient and I incur another PayPal fee. It would be ideal to have the cart calculate shipping by location and weight automatically. Also, do Choices function differently now? It used to be that if the buyer chose the "additional item, international" choice, they would just get charged that cost once. Now they are charged that fee per item that they purchase.

Status: Combined with this request
Dec 15, 2011
Definable Thumbnail Image widths?

I love the definable image widths in the descriptions! I was wondering if it is possible to add the option of also having this for thumbnail images?? It looks so nice and professional when all the thumbnails are all the same size in our Congo... but right now it is a bit more work for members or guests to resize their images separately for the thumbnails (or I as a Congo admin do it for them). It would just be really nice if we could skip that step and trust the system to scale down everyone's images to the same width. We'll keep doing it manually if that's too much trouble... it would just be nice! :)

Status: Combined with this request
Dec 12, 2011
I agree we need an iPhone app

I'd love an app for my iPhone to shop via HC :)

Status: Combined with this request
Nov 22, 2011
Would it be possible to opt out of the "Quantity in stock" on some items?

I realize that the "quantity in stock" is a vital part of the HC experience ... but I'm wondering if it may be possible to offer the option to disable this feature so that a product can remain "available" indefinitely. I don't want to list 999 (or other large number) as the quantity for fear it will appear as though no one wants my products. I'm sure it isn't possible/practical but I would love to not have to worry about the whole "number in stock" thing. Thanks for taking time to read my silly request :)

Status: Combined with this request
Nov 01, 2011
stop order numbers with no info

Is there any way we can stop orders from coming through with no customer info? I get them often and there should at least be a email address that we can invoice. My listings are set as buy it now and it makes no difference at all. I even had one that had comments from the customer about how nice my stuff is but no info at all and she of course she did not pay.

Status: Combined with this request
Oct 23, 2011
Java Uploader

What happened to the java uploader?? I used to just be able to drag and drop my pictures directly into it and now its not working at all!!
  1. Admin comment: It seems the most recent versions of java are not working with the java uploader. This should be fixed within the next few weeks! Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Oct 23, 2011

Status: Combined with this request
Oct 21, 2011
Automatically remove sold out items after x days

I would love a way to automatically remove sold items after a few days, rather than manually having to go in and change the end date (when they originally had no end date). (Or perhaps I'm missing a current way to do this?) Ideally the number of days would be configurable, since some shop owners might like to leave sold items up so that people can see past work, however, I personally feel like they clutter up my shop, and would rather they be removed (or moved to a "recently sold" page so customers could still reference them). They shouldn't be deleted so that the links would still be available if used in the future or to research orders, etc.

Status: Combined with this request
Oct 17, 2011
Put a start & end time/date on discount codes

I would love to have the option of putting an expiry date on discount codes...and a start time for special sales (ie: Black Friday). As it is now, I have to manually set the code when I want it to start and make sure I remove it when the sale is over. Thanks!

Status: Combined with this request
Oct 13, 2011
Batch Edit Order History

Allow sellers to batch edit order history so we can quickly update items as shipped or cancelled all from one page rather than clicking on each individual item in the Order History.

Status: Combined with this request
Oct 10, 2011
Add the ability to Archive a listing

I don't like deleting past/sold listings for fear there is a link somewhere that may break. Believe it or not I still get click throughs from posts that are 3+ years old. But having a huge amount of out dated items cluttering up my stocking page is irritating. It would be great to have the ability to archive them, and have them move to a separate page for management.

Status: Combined with this request
Oct 05, 2011

It would be nice if you could specify when a code could expire or after X many uses. At the moment if I want a code to only apply once (or until a certain time) I have to keep an inventory in excel and hope I remember to go back and delete the code right after it's used, which can't always happen.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 30, 2011
Add "Stay signed in" option for vendor logins

Add "Stay signed in" option for vendor logins so vendor logins don't time out.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 20, 2011
Larger image size choices for the Java uploader

Larger image size choices for the Java uploader would be great. I like 490pixel width for the main image in my listings, but I have to go through Photobucket to do this. If you allowed larger images I would totally upgrade my account. Thanks! Suzi MacDougall

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 14, 2011
BOGO Coupon Code

Anyone who has tried to run a BOGO (buy one get one) style sale on HC knows that this is an extremely painful, manual invoicing or refunding process. But, shoppers LOVE these kinds of sales! It would be nice to have a coupon code specific for this type of sale. The shop admin would enter the % off on the BOGO-style code and the system would automatically calculate the percentage off on the lower-price item for each higher-price item sold.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 14, 2011
Batch edit for Order Status

When I ship a bunch of orders in a day, it would be great to be able to batch edit them all to "shipped" rather than click into each order separately to change its status.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 13, 2011
Multiple Coupon Codes

Because I run a diaper service/retail store along side of my handmade items, there are times when 2 coupon codes would be nice. For example, say I am running a 15% off store wide sale, you would need to have a coupon code for the 15% off. But my local customers do not pay shipping, so I would need a code for free shipping, but as it is, only 1 can be used.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 13, 2011
Combined HC Feedback reminder

A message showing the things that need feedback left - not by store, just by item.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 13, 2011
make it easier to find a copied listing

right now when you copy a listing it copies it and then randomly puts it in anywhere it wants within your listings. It'd be handy if it could copy a listing and either mark it as a copied listing (for the sellers eyes) or just automatically put it at the top or bottom of your listings.

Status: Combined with this request
Sep 13, 2011
Easier sorting of past orders

It'd be nice to be able to quickly see if a customer is a repeat customer or just easier sorting of past orders overall. Right now orders placed on the 31st of a month are often on the page for the month they were ordered as well as on the next month's orders.

Status: Combined with this request

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