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bronze, decorative 3, earrings
bronze bird earrings
opaque crystal with color flash,  art deco, bronze earrings
owl earrings
pink & lilac floral, bronze heart drop, earrings
bronze lotus periwinkle art deco glass, earrings
plum & lilac floral, bronze earrings
bronze decorative floral earrings
pink floral drop, bronze earrings
lilac floral, bronze grape drop earrings (large)
autumn leaf, dark amber, art deco glass leaf earrings
green leaf art deco glass, bronze earrings
small really red art deco glass, bronze earrings
pink art deco glass, bronze earrings
bronze small angel wings, earrings
bronze dragon fly, earrings
bronze victorian design heart earrings
Handmade bracelet
Jellypens Watch Band
Sketchy Watch Band
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Hyena Cart gets its name from enthusiastic shoppers, clamoring after high-demand quality eco-friendly items. Because of this, the shopping platform supports auctions, drawings, and fast inventory control.

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