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necklace, bronze pearl silver tone necklace
earrings bronze disc, oval & grapes
necklace chocolate tourmaline, bronze peace & heart
necklace brown onyx, multiple pearls
necklace shell nautilus, peachy pink pearls
necklace shell nautilus, peachy pink pearls
necklace green fluorite, green pearls
necklace faith cross, trust, believe
necklace, LARGE bronze decorative cross, red art deco glass
necklace om , bronze. jasper
necklace, fire agate, turquoise, pearl, carnelian, feather
earrings pink
earrings blue sparkling
earrings clear sparkling, bronze tone
earrings bronze hammered disc
earrings bronze cross & cross in disc
earrings grapes from the vine
necklace, green agate, white pearl, kunzite
necklace, moss agate, white pearl, aquamarine
necklace, black & golden agate with quartz, bronze feather
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