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Apr 09, 2012
more options for coupon codes

I would really love a way to have one time use coupon codes or once per customer coupon codes. I am giving a special coupon for testers to use on their first normal order but the only way to do it as a coupon code also allows anyone to use the code and lets people use it more than once.
  1. It would also be nice to specify a specific product that a coupon code can be used on, rather than the whole order.

    Sep 26, 2012
  2. I was just going to add this one but saw it was already recommended! A one-time use coupon code, or one-time per customer use code would be AWESOME! Otherwise I have to write down each persons coupon code and mark if they can only use it once, then pay attention to when they finally use it so I can go back and delete it.

    Sep 25, 2012
  3. I also would love to see a one time option for coupon codes. I have a fan of the week, that I have to manually delete the code once used. It would be awesome, if I didn't have to remember to delete it. Thank!

    Sep 08, 2012

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