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Nov 25, 2011
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More Options for Options :)

When adding options for an item it would be nice if we had an option for something OTHER than just the drop-down menu, or if people could select more than one thing from the drop down menu. For example, I sell fleece soakers. The drop down menu works well for the size, insert type, and style where they should only chose one thing, but I also have options for adding PUL, a pocket, ruffles, and elastic. I don't have room to put all of the options I have available and it looks really messy to have an additional four drop down menu's just saying "Yes (add $2.00)" and "No" If I put them all in the same drop down menu people can only select one of those options even though I can make them with ALL of those options. I hope I'm making some sense here! Thanks for everything your have done so far! I am loving all of the updates!!

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