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Oct 21, 2011
Automatically remove sold out items after x days

I would love a way to automatically remove sold items after a few days, rather than manually having to go in and change the end date (when they originally had no end date). (Or perhaps I'm missing a current way to do this?) Ideally the number of days would be configurable, since some shop owners might like to leave sold items up so that people can see past work, however, I personally feel like they clutter up my shop, and would rather they be removed (or moved to a "recently sold" page so customers could still reference them). They shouldn't be deleted so that the links would still be available if used in the future or to research orders, etc.
  1. Combined from Auctions and Drawings - Clear out on End Dates or set time afterwards:

    It would be nice if the auctions and drawings would clear out on their own instead of having to go in a manually delete them or set the preview to 0, on congos and regular stores.

    Oct 25, 2011

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