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About me

I am Karen, the owner of Zoe Designs Ltd., which I started in 1995.

 I am a one person business. I handle it all, from maintaining the web site, to designing, making, and photographing the products, shipping, and everything else you can imagine.  When you buy from me, be assured I will be following your order every step of the way

I work with customers every day to create something special, just for them. Please ask for a custom order, it is my specialty!


I love fabrics! The patterns, colors and motifs constantly amaze me, many are true works of art.

The array of fabrics available motivated me to create my business. Using design and sewing skills, acquired during 25 plus years manufacturing outdoor gear, I created a line of eye catching and functional products, which I hand craft, in beautiful Colorado. 


How designs are created

Many bag designs spring from the fabrics first. How to best feature them is the initial consideration. The Tallullah, for instance, was initially designed to showcase larger prints. Following form is function. The focus shifts to making each bag useful, as well as attractive. This led to the creation of one of Zoe Designs most popular features, The Zoe Pocket Set!

Because I have so many fabric options I found my customers were struggling to decide on just one print for their messenger bags. Light bulb! I created my Morphin line of messenger bags, which have removable flaps, now you do not have to decide on just one. Plus I now have someone else to share my fabric addiction

How the bags are constructed

Since my background has long been in the world of outdoor gear, I use top quality webbing, fabrics and hardware. I do not use leather, so my bags are perfect for vegans too.The majority of fabrics I use, for the foundation of the bags, are comparable to those you would find on a backpack.  However I make the bags unique by overlaying parts of the body with a cotton print. This makes for a sturdy, but attractive and lightweight bag.

Zoe Designs bags are made to last! I take pride in creating extremely high quality bags. I use large seam allowances and copious amounts of reinforcements on stress points.

Unique One of a Kind Bags

Many of the bags, especially the larger styles, are one of a kind, unique pieces. Most fabric options are purchased in small quantities, usually no more than a yard. Only a few prints do I keep in stock, the remainder are used for stock items, or custom orders and then they are gone.

Why buy such small pieces of fabric?

The large selection I am able to offer my customers is one reason. An additional benefit is that it makes each product that much more special, in many cases you will be the owner of a bag that is truly unique to you. No one else, on the entire planet, will have one like yours.

It is rare, in this world of mass production, to be able to say that about your bag. You can tell the person, for whom you bought a Zoe Designs bag, I had this custom made for you, no one else, but you, has one.
Besides, as I said above, I love fabrics!

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