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 Fleece will "compression wick" when the diaper is saturated and the child is sitting/laying. This means that you may feel dampness to the touch through their clothing even (depending on the amount of wetness). This is something you get used to (if you're new to breathable covers), and usually you won't have a "puddle" type wetness. The more frequently you change the diaper and the more absorbent the diaper, the less you'll have compression wicking.

Fleece cannot contain a true "leak", for example over underwear or thin training pants. In this case, there is too much volume at once and it can't soak it up. For longies - since they do not fit as snug as a soaker, they are ONLY as effective as the cloth diaper underneath. If the diaper is not snug or absorbent enough, the longies will not prevent leaks down the legs.

I find I can use a single layer thickness fleece during the day very effectively and it reduces bulk a little bit. The doubler layer in the fleece does provide a little more thickness for the wetness to wick through, although with fleece, the fabric does not actually absorb any wetness.

"I ordered several covers in the same size, but they fit a little differently"
-The type of fleece may make a difference, as well as some colors seem to be more stretchy than others. Even different bolts of the same color have been different. Also, since they are handmade, there may be slight seam variances, even though I try to make them as consistent as possible.

"What is the difference between anti-pill and blizzard fleece?"
-Anti-pill has a finish on one side that helps prevent pilling. Blizzard fleece does not. Some people are drawn to the words "anti-pill" because it suggests it will not pill. From using these soakers in my personal diapering routine, I can say that they both wear the same in the end, and wind up being pilly (anything would after 100 washes!)-though blizzard does pill up faster. So I choose to offer both, mostly because I can get colors in blizzard that I can't in anti-pill.
See my blog post with photos of both fabrics after 2 years!

"Will my cover shrink?"
Fleece covers are made from 100% polyester and will not shrink whether air or machine dried on hot. However, airing them to dry will help to reduce pills. Generally, most people just toss them in with their diaper laundry.
-I send washing instructions with all of my items.

"I want to purchase an item from your Etsy store at the same time, do you combine shipping?"
YES! If you place an order on the same day from both of my shops, I will gladly refund the shipping overage and combine your order. Please leave a note in your checkout notes as well.

Stripe it Rich! soaker colorway descriptions:

Pretty in Pink: Raspberry, Bubble Gum, and Light Pink
Earth Baby: Olive, Sage, and Camel
Busy Bee: Daffodil and black
Jailbird: White and black
Mocha Latte: Chocolate, Camel, and Ivory
Blissful Blue: Navy, Denim, and Powder Blue
Carribean Sea: Dark Royal, Dark Lime, and Carribean Blue
Grape Soda: Violet, Lilac, and Ivory
Princess Party: Violet, Turquoise, and Raspberry

*More to come when I get orange in stock again

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Fleece diaper covers are a great alternative to wool - they are less expensive and equally re-usable!


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