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March of Dimes Auction: Mini Group Custom SYOF - 3 diapers to 3 addresses

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This is an auction for a mini group custom SYOF slot!  The full purchase amount, minus only paypal fees and shipping, will be donated to the March of Dimes via Team Three Cheers for Babies.  Please read all of the details below before bidding.

About Three Cheers for Babies and March of Dimes:

Our good friends Brooke and Joe run this team on behalf of their triplets, Charlie, Lily and Annaleigh, who were born 15 weeks premature.  The triplets were two weeks old before Brooke and Joe were able to hold them.  Machines breathed for them for the first month of their lives.  They were fed with tubes because they weren't strong enough or coordinated enough to suck.  They received the best possible care, for which Brooke and Joe could not be more grateful.

Charlie and Lily, who weighed 1 lb 8 oz and 1 lb 13 oz at birth, spent 95 and 99 days in the NICU before coming home with their parents.

Tragically, Annaleigh did not come home.  She passed away at 8 weeks old from NEC, which is an intestinal infection found in premature babies. 

We mourn her loss and we hold her in our hearts each day, while simultaneously celebrating with a deep awe the miracles that Charlie and Lily are - now thriving, strong, healthy, and happy as a result of the wonderful care they received after birth.  They are amazing in every way, and we are so blessed to know them and to count them among M&D's very best friends.

Every year, half a million babies in the United States are born too soon, too small and very sick - that's 1 in every 8 babies. Since 1981, the rate of premature birth has risen 30%, and in half the cases it is not understood what went wrong. The March of Dimes is leading the fight for answers, and ultimately, prevention.  We are honored and excited to be raising money for such an incredibly worthy cause.

About this auction:

This auction is for a mini group custom slot (3 diapers to 3 addresses).  It will require coordinating among 3 people, with one person bidding on behalf of the group.  Your bid will reflect the total for all 3 mini group members, not a per person amount.  In other words if everyone in your group would like to donate $100 to the March of Dimes via this auction, your bid would be $300.

Here is how the mini group custom slot works:

For the purposes of this auction, your winning bid will cover your entire cost, including shipping.  You will not be required to pay for shipping separately when your diapers are ready, as is the case in a normal mini group listing.

The 3 completed diapers must ship to 3 different addresses. 

Each group member may choose either a turned and topstitched or serged one size fitted cloth diaper.  All velour and snaps will be uniform among the 3 diapers.  Velour can be chosen by the group, pending availability.  Serging and snap colors are decided by me.

Please communicate the type of diapers you would like by emailing after check-out.  Also please include group member info (name, email address, name as it appears in paypal, paypal email address, serged or T&T).

You will then need to send in a minimum of one yard of a *KNIT* print, minimum 58" width.

All custom diapers will be made with the standard twinkie tush materials - organic bamboo fleece/stretch fleece and either organic bamboo or cotton velour. 

The 3 diapers will ship  4-6 weeks after we receive your fabric. :)

March of Dimes Auction: Mini Group Custom SYOF - 3 diapers to 3 addresses

March of Dimes Auction: Mini Group Custom SYOF - 3 diapers to 3 addresses

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