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  • "I LOVE this insert. It's worked like a charm with every diaper I've used it with and hope to get more ASAP! I think this is easily the best insert I've used with a pocket diaper."  --customer feedback

  • Both my boys and I love the pocket diapers! They are very well made and the way the opening for the pockets are done makes them especially easy to "stuff". They fit both my 6 month old and my 2.5 year old perfectly. They are very trim too, so they don't add bulk to the already bulky inserts we sometimes use. Definitely planning on buying more of these great Timbutt2oos diapers!!! Thank you --Timbutt2oos FB wall, customer comment

  • Love love love my Timbutt2oo diaper! Thank you so much! I am spreading the word!--Timbutt2oos FB wall, customer comment

  • I have purchased a somewhat varied selection of items from Timbutt2oos: wetbags, pocket diapers, custom inserts, wipes, a fitted diaper and fleece cover and I must say they are definitely my favorite items in my entire cloth diaper collection.  Oh, how I wish I was only beginning my collection of cloth diapers and could go back and solely purchase Timbutt2oos!  I'll admit I've even been tempted to sell of some of my current cloth diaper stash (name brand diapers, like BumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz) in order to purchase more Timbutt2oos.  Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they work phenomenally well, combine that with Mary's amazing customer service and you have a combination that cannot be beat!  My Timbutt2oos love/obsession began with custom inserts.  I had a hard time finding inserts that could last the 10-12 hours my son sleeps at night.  I have limited to no knowledge of fabrics and researching cloth diaper insert types, styles, fabrics, etc was overwhelming.  I mentioned my need to Mary, practically offhand, and she whipped up the perfect solution for me without hesitation! Flash forward a few weeks and my son began having a reaction to sitting in his wet, all-cotton diapers.  I mentioned to Mary that the scratchy cotton seemed to irritate his sensitive groin, a few adorable fabrics later and BOOM, Mary again whipped up the perfect solution!  The super soft fleece interiors of her diapers are so soft and so good at wicking my son lasts hours in them with no rashes. My Timbutt2oos are definitely my go to favorite diapers.  There is plenty of room in them, I know my son will fit in them for years to come.  The extra side snaps and snap layout make them super easy to put on, even with a squirmy, uncooperative baby.  The inserts themselves are bright, fun, flashy colors that coordinate with the diapers (where else can you get colorful inserts?!) and absorb quickly and thoroughly.  Mary, the owner of Timbutt2oos, is wonderful.  She is so helpful and accommodating to special requests, even encouraging them, I could not imagine someone better suited to make cloth diapers. I think the only negative thing I can say about Timbutt2oos is that they are addictive!  I want all of them!!!    -A. Hutton

  • I have three pocket diapers, four custom build your own inserts, wipes, wipe spray, and a small wetbag from Timbutt2oos.  I absolutely adore my little stash of this brand.  The prints are adorable, the prices are reasonable, the turnaround is great, and the quality is remarkable.  My favorite feature is the build your own insert.  I haven't seen anything like that anywhere else and it is truly one of a kind.  You can maximize or reduce absorbency to fit your specific needs. The Inserts I had made are bullet proof.  Also, on the pocket diapers, the rise is a little bit longer then most of the other brands I own, which is awesome since I have a tall baby.  Thank you for an exceptional product Mary!

  • I absolutely love everything I've purchased from you to date!! The diaper with the embellishments fits my daughter perfectly and it's absolutely adorable! The fitteds and fleece soakers are amazing! The fit is perfect and they are keeping her dry all night long! We are talking 12 hours!! Love the wipes and wipe spray as well!! Thanks for everything 

  • Sorry I spammed your wall with photos of my kid...but we adore our fire truck training boxers!!--Timbuttoos FB Wall, customer comment

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