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Jan 12, 2016
Item:Creamy Deodorant- With the choice of either Fragrance or Essential Oil
Customer service:Trouble free transaction, great packaging, arrived quickly.
Product review: I am very happy with this product. I and one of my sons have very sensitive skin, and regular deodorants do not work for us. I have tried pretty much every one in my local health food store and none of them was what I was hoping for. This deodorant is the perfect consistency and gets soft on the fingertips prior to application. It's easy to use, yet does not leave a greasy stain on my clothes like other natural deodorants that I have tried. I will continue purchasing! No need to search any longer. Thank you!
2016-02-23 06:04:15
When purchased:
Apr 12, 2012
Item:Custom Hats 100% HC$
Customer service:Excellent. Great communication, very helpful.
Product review: Hat received is wonderful and exactly what I envisioned. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Very appreciated. Would highly recommend.
2012-10-11 05:25:34
When purchased:
Apr 12, 2012
Item:Custom Hats 100% HC$
Customer service:I worked with her to figure out a perfect sun hat for dd. She made it VERY quickly and it's just perfect.
Product review: The hat is adorable and fits well. It's perfect for sunny days and dd loves to wear it. Thank you!
2012-06-13 06:11:47
When purchased:
Jun 6, 2010
Item:Dishcloth Trio
Customer service:fast shipping
great communication!
Product review: lovely dishcloths, well made thank you!
2010-07-13 09:14:20
When purchased:
Jun 6, 2010
Item:Springtime Love
Customer service:Excellent prompt responses. Very quick to address issues if they come up.
Product review: Such a cute hat! It looks so adorable on. Beautiful work!
2010-06-30 08:23:57
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