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Absorbencies are as follows (BUT customs can be made any way you want) For a custom please message me with the fabric choice and absorbency/core preference along with any other details and it can be listed, usually same day, and generally sewn/shipped in under a week (if your in a rush usually it can be done faster).:

EVERDAY Contains only 1 thin absorbent layer (or coreless, thinner ones may be offered), fleece or flannel back (for backup/spotting/daily wear),

*LIGHT Contains 3-4 layers of flannel in absorbency. Made without pul to increase comfort, these are on the thin side for pads),

*ULTRATHINS have pul under the core INSTEAD of extra layers and are a light pad, but with pul and are intended for those who like thin pads but need a little extra protection, but not extra absorbency.

**REGULAR Thicker than a light, but still thinner than a Heavy), and contain the equivalent of around 6-7 layers of flannel in absorbency. Has a fleece back or pul and fleece,

***HEAVY These are thicker and are not thin pads (containing the equivalent of 8-10 layers flannel in absorbency (TWICE the absorbency of a light pad). May be fleece backed or have pul. If in doubt read the auction title to see which.

****SUPER/PP THREE times the absorbency of a Light pad (but no core layers in the wings, so the bulk isn\'t excessive), (good for heavy flows that don\\\'t tend to leak onto the wings of pads).

*****EXTREME (for women with even heavier flows but no tendency to leak onto the wings). This is FOUR times the absorbency of a Light pad (increased dry time due to thickness).

*****FLUFFY (for women with extremely heavy flows and a tendency to leak onto the wings). One full body layer of absorbency equivalent to a light pad. Three core only layers of absorbency equivalent to light pads absorbencyX3. If the wings of these pads gets hit occasionally they will absorb all the way around the underside of the wings protecting your clothing more.

Fleece backed pads are more breathable and flexible than pads with pul and usually much more comfortable but are moisture resistant (only pul is completely waterproof). Generally women will love fleece backed pads and have no problems but there are some women who bleed straight down so it isn\'t a viable option and they need pul (even with a light flow). For this reason I suggest you buy 1-2 in different absorbencies and see what you may or may not need and not buy an entire stash in one go unless your sure what you need. If you intend to wear for long amounts of time go up an absorbency or two or request a custom with pul so you get exactly what you need. I\'d rather do a custom than have someone unhappy with a pad that doesn\'t properly work for their body.

*******FABRIC LIST can be found here!*******


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When purchased:
Dec 10, 2013
Item:FOR VALERIE Vegan Healing Lotion Stick (For dry, sensitive skin, blemishes, irritations, scars)
Customer service:So sorry for the late feedback -- the holidays were really busy! Marci was, as always, amazingly wonderful to work with. She responds to e-mails promptly and will do everything she can to make sure that you will end up with a product that fits you and your needs. She takes pride in her work and it shows -- she uses the highest quality ingredients/fabrics (organic whenever possible) but still offers her goods at very reasonable prices.
Product review: Marci made me a batch of peppermint lotion sticks that are just fantastic. I love her original lotion, but I love the peppermint lotion even more. It goes on smoothly and the peppermint oil leaves a pleasing scent while still being gentle on lips and skin. My skin just drinks it up! It is really healing and has helped to fade my acne and hyperpigmentation marks (which used to stick around for up to a year). I use Marci's lotion on my face every day and my skin is much calmer and healthier for it. My small facial scar is fading and my acne is finally under control. The acne medications I used to use would sting and leave my skin red and dry. Marci's lotion is soothing, calming, and hydrating (it even keeps my skin hydrated when I fly -- seriously). If you have any kind of persistent skin issue, you should contact Marci and have her make some lotion for you -- she can accommodate allergies if you have them -- and give it a try yourself. I am sure you won't be disappointed! :)
2014-01-22 08:40:23
When purchased:
May 20, 2013
Item:Valerie's Custom 1 overnight pad 2 lotion sticks
Customer service:Marci is amazing! She let me totally customize my pad so that I ended up with something that is cute, practical, and totally secure, which is important, especially for an overnight pad. She was not feeling well at the time, but she still made every effort to communicate with me as well as make and ship my order in a timely manner. She really does everything she can to make sure her customers are happy and have what they need.
Product review: I love my pad and lotion sticks. I have been using Marci's lotion for a while now to heal and soothe huge, angry red zits as well as help to fade a small facial scar. It really works (I have had zits shrink and fade overnight after treating them with her lotion (!)). She uses top-quality ingredients in her lotion, which really makes all the difference. Plus, the price per stick is very reasonable, especially when compared with some of the other things out there.

My overnight pad is both adorable (cupcake flannel top and pink velvet bottom) and functional. It is large and absorbent but does not take ages upon ages to dry because it has zorb in the core. I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this pad. Great products, great transaction, great seller. :)
2013-06-19 03:12:45
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