Test Drive your HyenaCart code (HyenaCart MultiCart)

A few notes on this tool.

  1. Yes it's free! Use it as often as you'd like!
  2. This is NOT a functioning store and the links will not open any products nor are you able to add actual products. To open a HyenaCart store please go to hyenacart.com for information on how to do so.
  3. Enter as little or as much information as you'd like...the tool will replicate how your own cart will look when submitted to the HyenaCart server.
  4. Karen at HyenaCart has developed a great page to help you learn to customize your storefront. Please visit here to view the page she has developed.
  5. I am not associated with HyenaCart in any manner (other than being a HyenaCart addict myself) so any issues pertaining to this tool should be directed to jen@bluehollowdesigns.com
  6. Be sure to enter the full URL when inserting your image location. Otherwise you'll get a rather unattractive red X.
  7. As with the real HyenaCart you can blank out unwanted images by inserting blank.gif (which is a very tiny transparent image that becomes virtually invisible to those viewing your store) into any of the image slots. Be aware that on your real HC you must use the HC blank gif file. It's full address is listed at HyenaCart.
  8. I am unable to provide support to people around customization questions and issues simply due to time and can only provide support directly related to the functioning of this tool. The HyenaCart forums (found here) are a great source of information and support for these types of issues.
Business Name (How you want your business name displayed in the store)

Logo (enter your logo image here/enter the full URL of your image)

Intro/Main Page Header (This is text that will appear right underneath your logo. Any html code or style sheets entered here will also be a header for the main store page)

Mainsite Image (Enter the full URL of your image)

Contact Me Image (Enter the full URL of your image)

Powered By Image (Enter the full URL of your image)

Counter Code/Main Page Footer (If you sign up for a counter, enter the code here and the counter will appear at the bottom of your store. This space can also be used to enter html code that will appear as a footer on the main page.)

Use navigation menu:
This determines whether or not the collapsible navigation menu on the left hand side of the store is used (default is yes)

Subcategories page:
This determines whether the subcategories page shows items or subcategories (default is items)

This determines where the customer lands when the first visit your store from the calendar or list of stores (default is All Categories). Table view gives a table of all items as the default page (similar to HC Standard)

Width of store table:
This is the width of the store table in pixels (default is 780)

Which layout option would you like to view?:
This determines which page of the store you would like to see your template applied to (the subcategories option will demonstrate the all items option or the subcategories option).