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details of zipit! wetbags:
  • All bags are made with 100% cotton as the outer print and lined with PUL.
  • Each bag is sewn together only at the zipper to prevent wicking to the outer layer.
  • The outer cotton prints are pre-washed in order to avoid shrinkage when you wash your bag.
  • Each bag is made using sturdy YKK zippers.
  • Each bag is made on an industrial sewing machine with 100% nylon thread.
  • Heat has been applied to PUL seams to close up needle holes and help prevent leaks and wicking.*
  • Medium and large bags feature a small fleece square inside for oil placement to avoid stinkies.
  • Bags with handles have been triple reinforced for durability.
  • Each bag is handmade by Katie, the owner of zipit! therefore bag details may vary slightly.
* zipit! bags are meant to hold damp, saturated or stinky items, not soaking wet items.  Leaving a soaking item in a wetbag may cause wicking to the outer cotton layer.
care information:

I urge all customers to launder their wetbags as suggested here. Typically, wetbags donít need to be machine washed after each use, but simply wiped out and machine washed once a week (or when they start smelling stinky).

Wash your wetbags in warm water with a natural detergent. Dry on a drying rack and/or toss them in the dryer on medium heat. Drying on high/hot heat may cause your wetbag to shrink (just like other items) so it is strongly discouraged.

Many people like to wash their wetbags with their cloth diapers in hot water. You may choose to do this occasionally, but if done so over an extended period of time your wetbag will show wear sooner than one that is laundered as instructed above. Also, if you wetbag has a lighter cotton print washing on hot with darker colored items may result in bleeding onto your wetbag (like with any other light cotton fabric).

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