Wabi-Sabi Wonders by: The Naked Gnome
I am sad to say, but Wabi-Sabi Wonders by The Naked Gnome will be closing. After over three years of sewing toys for your little ones I find myself unable to keep up with all my tasks. Knowing that something in my life needs to go, closing the store seems to make the most sense, given the difficulties of complying with CPSIA regulations. This was an incredibly difficult decision, as I love creating toys. It has made me so happy to see my creations show up as beloved companions in professional pictures and Christmas cards and to know I've added joy to your families lives. Over the years I've collected a few toys that never sold. I'd like to find homes for these toys and will be clearancing them out for a very reduced price. I will be continuing to take customs via email. I thank you all for your patronage over the years!

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This store is currently inactive. Please check back another time.


2007 Wabi-Sabi Wonders by: The Naked Gnome

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