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Squeezie Cheeks Diapers

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Pocket View:

On-the-go Storage:

Unique snap configuration allows you to roll the diaper up and snap it shut for on-the-go storage of dirty diapers.

General La-Di-Da Diaper Information


All La-Di-Da diapers have been created by a licensed La-Di-Da Diapers seamstress. For more information about the La-Di-Da Diapers cloth diaper pattern, please visit http://www.ladidadiapers.com/.

Diaper Fit and Information

La-Di-Da diapers are a uniquely designed trim fitting diaper that still offers full coverage for your little one. The diaper scoops under the belly, while offering a generous rise through the back. La-Di-Da diapers are hip-snapping, which help to prevent wing droop and lessen the chances of your little one figuring out how to undo the diaper. The unique tilting front panel and back wings allow the diaper to sit high enough on the leg that the size of your little one’s thigh, whether chunky monkey or skinny minny, is irrelevant in the fit of this diaper.


Newborn: 6-12 pounds
Small: 10-20 pounds
Medium: 15-30 pounds
Large: 25-40 pounds

General Fattycakes Diaper Information


Fattycakes diapers have been created by a licensed Fattycakes seamstress.  

Diaper Fit and Information
The Fattycakes diaper is a side-closing, full-fitting diaper.  It is designed to fit a wide variety of babies, even the "hard-to-fit" babies.  It sits higher in the front than the La-Di-Da and is a bit wider through the crotch.  It is by far the best overnight diaper as it has plenty of room to stuff in extra layers of absorbancy. 


Newborn: 7-15 pounds (Rise: 11"-14", Waist: 10"-18", Thigh: 5"-12")
Small: 12-25 pounds (Rise: 14"-16", Waist: 11"-20", Thigh: 6"-13")
Medium: 15-30 pounds (Rise: 14-18.5", Waist: 12"-21", Thigh: 6.5"-13.5")
Large: 25-40 pounds (Rise: 16"-19", Waist: 14"-24", Thigh: 8"-14")

General One Size Happy Snap Information


Happy Snap diapers have been created by a licensed Happy Snap seamstress.  For more information on the Happy Snap Diaper Pattern please visit the Canadian Cloth website.

Diaper Fit and Information

The Happy Snap diaper is a front-snapping one size diaper.  It is designed to fit a wide range of babies ranging from 10-35 pounds. 


Happy Snap One Size: 10-35 pounds 

General OS Fitted Diaper

Diaper Fit and Information

The OS fitted diaper is front-snapping with cross over wings.  It is designed to fit a wide range of babies ranging from 8-35 pounds. 

Diaper Features: 
Outer: Cotton/Lycra knit 
Hidden: Bamboo Fleece 
Inner: Cotton Velour. 
Closure: Polyresin snaps. 
Snap down rise allows 3 adjustable rise lengths. 
Lastin hidden in the leg, front and back areas for a soft and snug fit. 
Cross over tabs for a snug fit around the waist. 
Snap-in Soakers: One Large petal style (allows fast drying) and One Small booster (can be snapped into one another, or used separately). Each insert is made with 1 layer of Zorb ll topped with Cotton Velour.  
All together this diaper has 9 absorbent layers!  Three of which are Zorb ll. Side note on Zorb ll: Zorb II takes up moisture 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp, and has a much greater holding capacity than any other product on the market. 1 layer of Zorb II will replace 2 layers of most microfiber terry and up to 4 layers of cotton or bamboo French terry.
This fitted diaper is not waterproof and requires a diaper cover.

General Tinkle Time Pocket Trainer Information


Tinkle Time Trainers are created by a licensed Tinkle Time Trainer seamstress using the Tinkle Time Trainer patterns. For more information on the Tinkle Time Trainer pattern, please visit http://www.ladderhilldesign.com/.

Trainer Information

The Tinkle Time Pocket Trainer is the affordable, environmentally responsible, overnight solution for keeping your potty training child comfortable and your bedding clean and dry overnight.  Squeezie cheeks uses a "feel-wet" inner lining that allows your child to feel when he or she begins to wet, thus rapidly increasing awareness of the potty training process and consequently decreasing the time it takes to be fully potty trained.
The Tinkle Time Overnight Solutions is a fantastic way to make your big kid less anxious about overnight bedwetting.  The Overnight Solutions trainer is completely leak-proof and looks more like undies than an overnight pull-up.  Squeezie Cheeks' "feel-wet" lining help your child wake-up when he or she first starts to go and helps him or her recognize that he or she needs to use the potty.


Tinkle Time Pocket Trainer:

Measurements are unstretched.  Please contact Squeezie Cheeks if you need help with sizing.

18 Months
Waist 14"
Waist 16"
Waist 17.5"
Waist 18.5"
Hip: 16.5"
Hip: 20"
Hip: 21"
Hip: 23"
Thigh: 10"
Thigh: 10"
Thigh: 11.5"
Thigh: 12.5"
Rise: 16.5"
Rise: 17.5"
Rise: 18.5"
Rise: 20"


Tinkle Time Overnight Solutions:

Measurements are unstretched.  Please contact Squeezie Cheeks if you need help with sizing.

Hip: 24"
Hip: 26"
Hip: 28.5"
Hip: 30"
Hip: 32"
Hip: 35"
Leg: 13.5"
Rise Options: 18" to 22"
Rise Options: 20" 
to 24"
Rise Options: 22" 
to 27"
Rise Options: 24" to 28"
Rise Options: 25" to 29"
Rise Options: 25.5" to 


Sizing for all patterns is approximate and can vary from baby to baby.
Always "test fit" your diaper or trainer prior to washing and/or using for the first time.


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