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Need a cloth diaper pattern for all those great fabrics? Free cloth diaper patterns are available in many places on the internet. I suggest making one diaper and trying it before you cut out a whole bunch of them and potentially waste your valuable diaper making supplies. What fits well for one baby may not work for another. Also, you may think pockets are the way to go, then realize you love fitteds and covers. I have been sewing cloth diapers for 3 years and I am active on a number of diaper information lists. I hear the same free cloth diaper patterns recommended over and over again. Here are some of the most popular free cloth diaper patterns.
Design Your Own Diaper Instructions
Design Your Own Cover (Fold Over Elastic instructions, but can be adapted for turn and top stitch)
Design Your Own Diaper Instructions (uses a disposable diaper for tracing a pattern)
Draft Your Own Diaper Pattern Instructions for drafting a pattern that is completely your own
All in One Patterns
Cloth Wipes Instructions
3 Ways to Make Cloth Wipes A great way to use leftover scraps of diaper materials. I much prefer using cloth wipes as there is no need to separate them from diapers when washing.
Contour Diaper Patterns
T-Shaped Contour/Fitted Diaper This one is basically a fitted with no closures. Very simple, but not the best fit.
Diaper Cover Patterns
Fitted Diaper Patterns
Fern and Faierie's Fitted Diaper Instructions for making a fitted diaper from old t-shirts and other recycled materials. Be sure to strip the materials to remove fabric softener and detergent buildup before cutting.
Fitted Pocket Pattern How to turn the PooPockets pattern (or any diaper pattern) into a pocket fitted
Mayna's Fitted Cloth Diaper Instructions and pictures to make a simple fitted cloth diaper.
Ottobre Designs Fitted Diaper Definitely test this one first. It is a good pattern, but comes out HUGE in my experience. I have heard lots of people say they love it when they have altered it a bit to fit smaller.
Wee Weka and Shar's Patterns Lots of different patterns for diapers in several sizes.
Pocket Diaper Patterns
Faux Fuzzi Bunz A simple pocket diaper pattern.
Gussets for a Pocket Diaper FOE bound pocket diaper with gussets.
Pocket Diaper Tutorial An excellent tutorial for making pocket diapers.
Wee Weka and Shar's Patterns Lots of different patterns for diapers in several sizes.
Prefold Patterns
Fern and Faerie's Prefold Instructions Another use for recycled materials. You can use new, of course, just be careful not to make them too thick if you use hemp or bamboo. 8 layers of bamboo could take forever to dry!
Training Pants Patterns
Easter Bunz Traning Pants Pattern You can make this with snaps or as a pull-on style.
Fleece Training Pants Made with ripstop nylon, fleece and an absorbent soaker. Pull on style.

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