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Action shots

If you have a picture of your child wearing a Puddlefoot tee I'd love to see it and share it in my ACTION SHOTS gallery. 

Just email to info@puddlefoot.com

Little Zoe squeezing Bella, her new Puddlefoot custom doll. : )

8 month old Owen in his 6/12M tie dye Monster tee.

photo by Eloise Smith Photography.

2 month old Toby  in his SMALL tie dye tee.

DAX in his long sleeve "home born" tee.

Fletcher in his long sleeve "stalky" tee.

Teagan in her tie dye "pink owl" tee.

Anthony in his 3/6M tie dye "stalky" tee.

12 month old Aubrey in her 12/18M "hedgie" tie dye tee.

12 month old Aubrey in her "LOVE WOOL" tee.

Rosie in her 12M tie dye "pink hedgie" tee.

12 month old in his custom "LOVE WOOL" tee.

24 month old Aaron in his 2T/3T "blue owl" jersey tee.

Violet in her 12M tie dye "LOVE WOOL" tee.

7 month old, 22LB Ivey in her 12/18M tie dye "sweet beet" tee.

Rowan in her  long sleeve "sweet pea" tee.

2 week old Jude in his NB tie dye tee.

Lucien in his 2T "y'onion" tee.

Piper in her 6M "sweet beet" tee.

Custom "LOVE WOOL" tee.

My 10LB Owen in his 6M "homegrown" tee.

9 month old Arden in her "homegrown" tee.

18 month old, 26LB Owen in his "homegrown" tee.

22LB Olivia in her 12M "homegrown" tee.

3.5 month old, 15.5LB William in his 6M "stalky" tee.

3 month old, 14LB Emiko in his NB "LOVE WOOL" tee.

6 month old Maggie in her 3/6M "sweet pea" tee.

Little Katie in her NB "hedgie" tee and NB Maizy Moo Knits longies.

13 month old, 19.5LB Aiden in his 12/18M "homegrown" tee and tie dye beanie.

3.5 week old, 9.5LB Cora in her NB gown.

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