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About Me

what is Puddlefoot?

Puddlefoot is a mother owned and operated company based in Southern California selling naturally designed handmade dolls and toys. Every Puddlefoot doll is made from quality fabrics and is stuffed with natural ECOwool.  The faces are all hand embroidered by me and the clothing is handmade by a few amazing Etsy and Hyenacart shop owners.  I even have the pleasure of working with my talented sister of MAIZY MOO KNITS, who makes the sweet doll sweaters.

Puddlefoot was created by me, Suzi MacDougall - artist, wife, and mama to three young boys. 
Growing up in Ojai, California I was always surrounded by nature, wildlife, and the warm California sun. Many days were spent outside munching on snap peas and tomatoes from the garden and there always seemed to be an abundance of animals running around the house. This environment instilled in me a love for all living things, and I would often draw caricatures of the little creatures around me.
After my sons were born I was inspired to recapture these childhood memories and began to fill sketchbook after sketchbook with all sorts of quirky little characters. 
I have to do something with these silly scribbles, I said. I need to share their smiles with the world. 
I made and sold children's tees for a few years until I discovered a passion for doll making! After creating a doll for my niece for Christmas a few years back I fell in love with the entire doll making process.  I have also discovered a huge doll community of amazing women who share the same passion.  I feel truly fulfilled and supported in this crazy dolly world and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

I opened my Hyena Cart shop in June 2010 and have enjoyed each and every customer.  
A big THANK YOU to all who have supported my business!  

xoxo ~Suzi

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