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Very Baby AIO Leak Proof Fit

Getting a Good Fit with a Very Basic All in One Diaper

Ordering the correct size for your baby is the first step in preventing leaks when using all in one diapers with a built in waterproof exterior. The next step is making sure none of the inner, absorbent fabrics roll out or wetness will leak or “wick” onto clothing.

Our Very Basic All in One diapers are cut and sewn in a way that encourages the waterproof fabric to roll in around the legs to prevent leaks. However, sometimes the elastic can be stubborn and attempt to force the inner cotton or hemp fabric out. Here is a picture tutorial to help you ensure that you are putting the diaper on your baby the right way.

After placing your baby on top of the diaper, stretch the wings outward. Roll the waterproof fabric inwards around the legs overlapping the super booster (doubler) and/or quick dry soaker pad or internal soaker pad area.

Pull the front of the diaper with the waterproof exterior rolled inwards up through the baby’s legs.

Open the foldback laundry tabs if closed to expose hook tabs. Bring the wings around to the front and secure the hook tab to the long strip of loop across the front panel.

Double check the area around your baby’s thighs. You should not see any of the inner cotton or hemp fabric showing.

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