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Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm the mama behind Once Upon a Baby.

A couple of years ago, after the birth of our first son, my husband and I had an "awakening" of sorts. We realized that the way that we live now impacts the lives of our children, and all future generations for that matter. We made a decision to change our lifestyle and work on reducing our carbon footprint, and to help others to do the same.

Thus, Once Upon a Baby was born in 2009. Shortly after I opened my shop on etsy, and started setting up shop here on Hyena Cart, I received the shock of a lifetime. With our first son only 10 months old, we were expecting twins! five percent off discount code for getting to know me: knowyou5 I had a difficult pregnancy, spent quite a bit of time in the hospital on bedrest and had to put my plans of setting up shop on hold. At 34 weeks 6 days, I gave birth to twin boys and have been enjoying (nearly) every minute of my life with 3 under 2 (well now, it's 3u3).

I'm an cloth diapering addict, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, baby wearing, breast feeding activist and stay at home mama. You can get to know me a little bit better by visiting my blog here.

I became a Very Baby approved seamstress in 2010, after trying out every diaper pattern on the market. It was an easy decision to go with Very Baby and I truly believe that they are fabulous diapers. I'm so pleased to have joined the seamstress club and to be able to offer you the comfort and quality that my children enjoy.

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