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About Oak an' Willow

Hello! My name is Denise. I am a Stay-at-home Mom to 4 wonderful elflings, aged 20, 12, and my youngest are 7 year-old twins.
Oak an' Willow is a passion of mine, and a great place to share my creations and talents with a wider audience. It also has very special meanings for me. One in particular, is the earthiness of the oak and the willow trees. The oak tree is an ancient symbol of strength, wisdom, healing, and protection. The oak is also the "father tree" in folk history. The willow tree is an ancient symbol of patience, healing, dreaming, emotion, and intuition. As well, the willow tree is the "mother tree" in folk circles. Together, Oak an' Willow is a circle for me, and symbolic of strength and emotion in my life. =0)
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Brightest Blessings Always =0)
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