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Our Policies (UPDATED JAN. 2013)

Naturally Luxe Policies 

  • We cannot control HC from over-selling from time to time.  If an item is oversold, we will contact you to let you know and offer you the chance to change your order to something else that is in-stock or refund you for that item.
  • As a California based business, all California customers will be charged 7.25% sales tax on their order when they check out through PayPal (it does not show up through HC).
  • Orders not paid for within 2 hrs of placement will be canceled. We don't have time to chase down buyers and ask them if they really want their order.  It wastes our time and messes with inventory control.  Up until now we have not flagged non-payers, but will begin doing so because the number has increased lately.
  • We are still working out the kinks with the shipping options here at HC and the regular USPS price increases.  We do partial refunds on your shipping if there ends up being a difference of $1 or more. Canadian customers now have their own shipping option, and all other International non-Canadian customers have their own International option as well.  Packages to Canada are generally shipped International First Class, please contact me if you require Priority Mail International and I will bill you for the difference.  International customers please note: if your actual shipping ends up being more than $1 above the estimated shipping on your order, we will bill you for the balance before your order ships.
  • We usually answer emails within 24 hrs (during the week, not the weekends), and usually in the evening. If you have not heard back from us, please feel free to email again. Sometimes emails disappear into oblivion (ours and yours). As a rule, we generally do not work on US holidays, and we occasionally take time off from the store. If our shipping time frame changes, or if weíre closing the store for a break, we will note it on the Updates and News page and on Facebook.
  • Postal Insurance is highly suggested. We always carefully package your orders, but are not responsible for damage by postal carriers or lost packages.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are always open for your suggestions, comments, questions and constructive criticism.
  • All in-stock orders will ship within 5 to 7 days (with the exception of weekends). You pick scent items will ship within 7 to 10 days.  Orders that have selected First Class will go by Parcel Post if the product weighs more than the allowed 13 oz for First Class.  If you need Priority Shipping, then select Priority Shipping.
  • Currently all orders ship to the address that is listed on the PayPal transaction and gets added to your HC order. If we do not ship to the address provided in the PayPal transaction, we are not protected under their policy.  Please make sure that your address with PayPal is up to date and correct.
  • If you notice an error in your shipping notice or need to make a change, please contact us ASAP.
  • All ingredients not posted on the site are available upon request.
  • Due to the nature of our products, all Naturally Luxe items are non-returnable. All sales are final. Please keep this in mind as you make your selections and finalize your order. Make sure your scent selections is something that you are happy with. If you are unfamiliar with a particular fragrance, feel free to ask us for a sniffy before you buy. Items are not returnable if you donít like the scent. This policy is in place to protect us (as the seller), and you (as the consumer). Once your items have been shipped and are no longer in our possession, they are, in essence, no longer considered new/unused merchandise. We could never in good conscience sell used items to our valued customers; therefore, those items would have to be thrown away. We strive to bring you the highest quality products at the most economical prices and the sheer waste of throwing away returned products would invariably drive our costs up, thus requiring us to charge more. We would never assume that a returned product has been altered or tampered with but itís also not a chance that we are able to take. Of course, this does not apply to damaged orders that are insured by you or incorrect orders.
  • While I will let you choose the level of scenting on most of my products (light, heavy or unscented), please be warned that most fragrance oils will cause liquid soap, body wash and shampoo to be thinner in consistency when you select heavy scenting.
  • All Naturally Luxe products are made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. We would never sell you, our valued customer a product that is anything less than 100% fresh and up to our high standards. If you have a problem with something in your order, please contact us immediately so that we may remedy the situation.
  • Your purchase from Naturally Luxe carries the implicit agreement that you will not hold Naturally Luxe responsible for any illness or injury that results from the use any of our products. That said, we care deeply that you and your family remain safe. In your order, you will receive use instructions and an ingredients list for each product you purchase; please read it and follow its recommendations. By purchasing from us, you understand and agree to a common sense approach to using our products. As with any bath or body product, you should test in a small area for any irritation or allergic reaction. If any redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. While we use only FDA and USDA approved ingredients, you are responsible for checking ingredient lists for potential allergens or irritants.
  • The FDA has not evaluated any statement made on this site. None of the information provided is meant to act as a prescription, medical advice, or therapeutic advice. Our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • While we do not anticipate it happening, we reserve the right to refuse the sale of service or goods to someone at our own discretion.
  • These policies are updated often, please look them over each time you place an order.


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