All diapers listed are hybrid fitteds, unless otherwise noted.


Policies & Warranty Info

Last updated: 01/31/14
Subject to change without notice.

Inspect your items upon receiving them, to ensure you got the item
you ordered and everything is in working order.

Please understand that we are a small business, and we are not machines.  
Every diaper may not be 100% perfect, but we do our best to
inspect every diaper before they are listed and sold.

Returns: are accepted within 7 days of the customer's order stating
"delivered" on tracking information for clean / unwashed / unused items,
for a full refund.    Please email us before you return the item(s)
so we know who the return is coming from.

Buying diapers second hand voids warranty.  We will still
replace the snaps and elastic on diapers not older than 6 months, but fabric (such as holes) are not covered once they leave the original purchasers hand. 
Elastic will only be repaired if the diaper was purchased new from us within 6 months.

SYOF (Send your own fabric) diapers are
not covered for any reason for fabric defects. 

We will not accept returns any items in washed, worn or used condition,
unless the fault is ours and in the event the item is unusable. 
 Normal wear is not considered a manufacturing defect.
Knit & Woven prints, PUL, velour and bamboo may wear differently
depending on your water, wash routine, detergents, etc.
Minor fabric wear is not a manufacturing defect.

Bleeding is not considered a defect, we take every precaution to
ensure fabric will not bleed.  Some water heaters are set hotter than others,
and because of this we cannot guarantee that a
fabric will not bleed its color.

However, we do consider extreme cases of "pilling", bleeding,
wear & tear, and fading after just a few washes on a case to case basis
for original purchasers only.

Seconds and slight seconds are sold without warranty or
guarantee, and will not be accepted for return, repair or refund.

Warranty: We will replace snaps, for the life of the diaper.  Elastic within 6 months of purchase.

 Within 6 months of your purchase we will pay for the
return shipping, after 6 months
return shipping is paid by the customer.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!


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