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Pooligans Diapers is offering One Size Fits Most OBV Hemp Bamboo Diapers!!!  These diapers are truly one size because the trifolding 12x12 insert can be placed inside of a newborn or extra small cover for those first few weeks until your baby can fit into these wonderful diapers.  

Our Products... geeze, I have added so many!!! Knit fitteds, woven fitteds, night time diaper, natural fiber lined AIO's, polyfleece AI2s with either cute outer prints or solid PUL, swim diapers, boosters, etc, etc. etc.  Its been such a journey!  I'm sure you can find that perfect diaper for your lil' one. 

Every diaper is made exclusively by me in my own home.  These beauties have 10 layers of amazing squishy absorbency!  Every regular sized OBV Hemp Bamboo diaper has a 18 inch rise and a 12x12 trifolding snap in insert, my Newborn Fit diapers have a 15 inch rise with a 10x10 trifolding snap in insert, and my Toddler Fit diapers have extra coverage in the behind and have a 19 inch rise and an extra inch through the crotch for your older babies.  Just like the other diapers I offer these have a 12x14 trifolding snap in insert.

Taking in to consideration the handmade nature of these diapers there may be slight variations between any two diapers.  Secondly, when your diaper comes to your door you may see colored markings on the inside or outside of the diaper that were used in the production and these markings will wash out.  Also, all snap closure placements are marked with a washable marker.  I highly recommend doing a full wash to prevent any potential staining if urine happens to set the stain.  This has only happened once but the staining was never confirmed.  This is especially important if you have a front loader.  Be sure to check for any color before putting your new lil' Pooligan in the dryer.  Finally, I use to personally hand tie and trim every surged edge.  This being the case there shouldn't be any fraying.  If fraying does occur it should be very sight and stop after the first wash.  Now, every once and a while I may miss one surging tail but in this case the fraying should be slight if at all.  If the fraying is a problem, please contact me, provide photos and I will do my best to remedy the problem.  Currently I use a totally different surger thread.  This product is super soft, doesn't tend to fray or unravel, and shirks with the fabric maintaining that beautifully finished edge. I stand behind each and every diaper and strive to make my customers happy so please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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