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A lil' bit about me...

I am a SAHM/WAHM to my lil' screamer, my lil' monster, and my not so lil' beautiful bug.  Over the last few years my kids have gotten older, life is ever changing, yet here I am... still making super cute diapers for wonderful families.

I am very happily married to my best friend.  We chose to cloth diaper our last child after I came home after a very long day at the hospital with my mom after her tragic fall to be informed that I needed to go to the grocery store and get pull-ups for our three year old son!  At that point I had it!  No more throwing money in the garbage!  No more late night trips to the store!  I was going to cloth diaper this baby!  Every day I kick myself for not listening to my mom over ten years ago when I had my daughter.  We began our cloth diapering venture with a basic stash of preemie and infant prefolds and wrap covers and fell in love!  When I began cloth diapering I did not know how easy it was to do, how cute that fluffy bum would be, how nice it was going to be not fighting diaper rash, and how much I would not miss those late night runs to the grocery store to just throw my money away.  Also, little did I know what was out there in the secret world of cloth diapering. 

One day I happened across a BBC cloth diapering board and the cloth diaper sewing 101 board and the rest is history. . . I began making OS fitted diapers, fleece and wool soaker/shorties/longies to diaper my son's rear and save us some money but still be able to have those super cute prints that I wanted but couldn't justify.  Little did I know that I would fall in love with the process of making and designing things for my son.  One day I posted my favorite diaper at the time on a thread.  Next thing I knew I had a quickly growing list of testers.  I never, ever thought that would happen.  lil' Pooligans began with just OSFM knit fitteds with natural colored OBV inners.  We have expanded to add AIO/2s, swim diapers, our highly sought after nighty nights, boosters, etc.  There's something for everyone here.   

Thanks so much for dropping by! 
Love, Mama Poo

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