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I'm Kim, a stay-at-home, turned work-at-home mom to Meredith. I am married to a wonderful man who is a pilot for the U.S. Navy. I've been a Navy wife since 2003, and since being in a miltary family forces you to live in some very isolated places I've been searching for just the right job and something that could travel with me. I have my B.A. degree in Art from the University of San Diego, but have never lived anywhere that I could make use of my degree. And then I had a baby and got into cloth diapering. My love of sewing and all things crafty got the best of me and I was soon addicted to buying fabrics and making my own diapers. Meredith is a super heavy wetter, so finding the perfect cloth diaper has been a challenge!

My move to opening my own store was  spurred on by the high demand for my dipes from the wonderful girls on Mommy Gossip. They've all been so supportive and encouraging. I have them to thank for giving me the courage to open my store, as well as for being my very first customers and for all their feedback on my products. My diapers are what they are today thanks to these wonderful women!

I've been asked a lot about my store's name. I was born and raised in Hawaii, and when I decided to open a store I wanted something unique and something that linked back to my roots. I ran through several names that sounded too boring or too cliché. Then I pulled out a Hawaiian dictionary... and looked up the two things that my products are geared toward: poop & pee, kukae & mimi.  And thus, my store was born!

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them!


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