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YYMN (your yarn, my needles) Customs Pricing - Effective July 15, 2012

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. The per yard fees do not include the cost of shipping. In-stock items knit using my own yarn are these prices plus the exact cost of yarn and other materials that I use. I calculate yardage used by weight. For example the yarn mountain meadow worsted is 210 yards per 4oz. If your finished project weighs 2.8oz, the yardage used would be 147 yards and the knitting fee at 14 cents per yard would be $20.58. 

The links throughout this page will take you to examples of the items in my flickr gallery!

Pricing for my own patterns
14 cents per yard

Any cuff types (including but not limited to: seed stitch, bamboo stitch, half linen stitch, bell ruffles, checkerboard, feather and fan, ribbing) for longies are included in the 14 cents per yard charge - as well as other standard features such as short rows, gusset, and ribbed waistband with i-cord.  
Standard soakers come with short rows, ribbed waistband, and rolled or ribbed cuff.
Standard skirties are either basic or bell ruffle pleats with no additional charge for the following edgings: butterfly, feather and fan, eyelets, picot edge, or basic bind-off.

Add-ons with per yard charge
Scrappies or stripes*: 1 cent per yard
Shelf Style or Quilted Lattice: 2 cents per yard
Linen Stitch: 5 cents per yard 

*Stripes are only an additional charge if they are throughout the entire project.

Add-ons at Flat Rates (based on size and/or difficulty)
Cables (basic or half linen) on longies (minus 1 for capris, 2 for shorts)

NB: 4, small: 5, s/m: 6, m: 7, m/l: 8, l: 9, xl: 10

Duplicate Stitching or Embroidery
starting at $2

Pricing for patterns that I am licensed/have permission to knit:
15 cents per yard
All Carina Spencer designs (
Hootie Who Romper & Jungle Gym Overalls (Comfort Wool Co./Teresa Cole)
Elizabeth Tunic (Alligator Knits/Amy Curletto)
Nate Hoodie (Rachel Evans)
14 cents per yard
Something Beautiful Shrug, Squishy Sleeper, Candy Girl Dress, My Keiki Overalls (Dakine Knits)
Eviepants Booties - Classic or Mary Janes (Marilyn Porter)
Tickle Hat (Tree Frog Knits/Kristi Pyatt)
Hudson Hat (Family Roots/Lindsay Baker)
Ian Polo Romper & Molly Bubble Romper (Sweet Monkey Baby)
Eloise Onesie (Claire Gentry)
in threes cardigan (Kelly Herdrich)
10 cents per yard
Drop Stitch Scarf (Frazzled Knits)

*If you are interested in having something made from a pattern that is not on this list, feel free to contact me and I can get in touch with the designer to discuss licensing)*

Any project/order using 400 yards or more will receive a 1 cent per yard discount!

Standard Sizing Chart

These measurements are approximate (keep in mind the waist has quite a lot of stretch, and can also be tightened with the drawstring).

  Waist Hips Rise Inseam (short, 3/4, long)
 NB 12 15 15 1.5, 3, 6
 Small 15 18 16 2, 3.5, 7
 S/M 16 19 17 2.5, 4, 8
 Medium 18 21 18 3, 4.5, 9
 M/L 20 23 19 3.5, 5, 10
 Large 21 24 20 4, 5.5, 11
 XL 22 25 21 4.5, 6.5, 12

For the licensed patterns, I will knit them according to the measurements indicated in the pattern. For customs, I will let you know which specific measurements I need.  I will be adding a size chart for sweaters soon.

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