My husband was notified on Thursday, May 28 that he would be laid off beginning on May 31. I'm frantically listing anything & everything I haven't used, don't think I'll use, or just have too much of in an effort to build up some money to try & save us & keep our home & utilities.

Please, if you see anything here you'd like, but think my price is too high, please make an offer & don't just walk away. Chances are pretty high I'll take it instead of losing the sale.

If you're interested in more of a specific fabric than I have listed, email me & I can measure them. Most that I have listed as diaper cuts are full yard pieces.

All fabrics are prewashed, except the hearts & pink & green dinos.

I will do the best I can to ship the same or next day, but depending on how many orders I get, it may take a few days.

If your shipping turns out to be less than what the cart charges you, don't worry! I'll refund anything overpaid by more than $.50 as soon as shipping is printed.

If you'll be paying by funded PayPal, please add things to your cart & checkout, but don't pay, email me & I'll invoice you from my personal account, or you can just send funded (marked as personal & please include your shipping address in the notes) to If you're paying by credit card, just go ahead & do the complete checkout process.

UPDATE August 15, 12:13 CST DH is finally back to work. Praise God! Unfortunately, we're VERY behind on our bills due to the 2 months he was laid off. We're in danger of losing our home to foreclosure right now & I really need to sell some things to help with it. I'm still scouring my fabrics & trying to measure everything so I can list them all. I still have a TON of threads, patterns, notions & other sewing related items to get up.

I'm also open to making wipes right now, as long as I can pick the fabrics & will offer an extra 5% discount for allowing me to do so.

**SPECIAL through August 31, if you fill a FRB with fabric I'll split the shipping with you!** Making your shipping only $5 instead of $10! I can cram 6-10 yards depending on what type of fabric. You must fill it FULL to get the discount. If you're wondering about specific fabrics & if they'll all fit, just email me & I'll check for you! ***Fill a FRB with flannels & I'll ship for $2.50!***

Thanks so much for your continued support & prayers!

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