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What is Baltic Amber/How Can it Help Us?

What is Baltic amber?

Baltic amber is a fossilized tree resin (over 40 million years old!)  This amazing substance is an all-natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory used for centuries as a remedy for many ailments.  Baltic amber (also known as succinite) has some of the highest concentrations of succinic acid found in nature, which is what makes Baltic amber so special and gives it its healing potential. 

What is succinic acid?

The salt of succinic acid (succinate) is one of the most active substances in the processes of cellular respiration and intercellular energy creation.  It restores oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells and helps the body return to a normal, functioning state.

How does Baltic amber help us?

When worn on the skin, it is said that trace amounts of succinic acid from the amber are absorbed into the body, benefiting it in many ways:

  • Relief of Discomfort 
Baltic amber is worn by our customers for a number of health and wellness benefits.  It can help take the edge off of the discomfort and symptoms associated with:  dental issues (such as the emergence of new teeth, orthodontic brace adjustments, TMJ), growing pains, allergies, sensory disorders associated with autism, headaches and migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder discomfort, tendonitis, menstrual cramping, restless leg syndrome, back and knee discomfort, joint pain from chemotherapy, and many more.

In order to be most effective, Baltic amber should be worn close to the site of the discomfort.  For example, for arthritis in the hands, we would recommend a bracelet rather than a necklace.
  • To help break a cycle of (chronic) inflammation 

Where chronic inflammation is present, disease lurks.

When the body's cells are chronically inflamed the immune system response is to increase production of free radicals. Chronic overproduction of free radicals results in inflammatory-related disease. Chronic inflammation is a common denominator of many seemingly unrelated diseases.
  • Strengthens the body's immune system 
In many different and subtle ways, succinic acid helps boost the body's own natural healing ability and immune system.
  • Restoring Energy

The human body naturally produces succinic acid. The salt of succinic acid (succinate) is one of the most active substances in the processes of cellular respiration and intercellular energy creation.

Succinate is a raw material and catalyst in the Krebs Cycle which is one of our main sources of energy. During the Krebs Cycle carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are metabolized for energy.

  • Maintaining Wellness

When the human body reacts to stress, the cells begin to use oxygen more quickly. Oxygen plays a central role in the intercellular creation of energy and a lack of oxygen can result in feeling lethargic. Succinic acid restores oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells and helps the body return to a normal, functioning state.

Oxygen is alkaline-forming in the blood and maintaining a slightly alkaline blood pH helps keep us healthy. Whenever the body functions in a state of low oxygen, it is much more susceptible to illness.

Why are there so many different colors of amber?
The different colors of amber are in-part a reflection of its history and contact with its environment.  A few of the factors contributing to the differences in color are the amount of microscopic air bubbles present.  When air bubbles make up more than 50% of the background the amber can be completely white. This also determines the level of transparency or opacity of the amber.

The color of amber is also affected by the organic remains left trapped inside such as soil and bark. Another factor that affects color is the environment in which the amber spent the bulk of its life.  For example, if the amber has spent the majority of its lifespan in or near a table of ground water this will give the amber more vibrancy and it will retain a lighter color.  Or the amber could have ended up on a sand dune and spent many years being warmed by the sun darkening the amber over time.

Information presented by Professor Barbara Kosmowska, Poland

What color/style do we recommend?
Our answer is that we do not carry any products that we do not recommend!  We recommend them all.  While some folks prefer the lighter colors of unpolished amber, our customers' experiences reveal that all colors and styles provide relief so have fun and choose what you like best! 

While wearing a piece or two of Baltic amber jewelry may not cure all that ails you, it has been a proven benefit to many!

Check out our testimonials for Baltic Amber!

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