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Measure For The Best Fit

As long as the necklace is not too snug the length is a personal preference.  The necklace should be at least 2 inches longer than the circumference of the neck.  It should not fit like a choker.  For our teething-age wearers, it should not disappear under fat rolls.  Some choose a length that adds more than 2 inches to give more growing room, and others choose to add no more than 2 inches so there is less room for their child to fool with the necklace or bring it to their mouth.  None of our necklaces are meant to be chewed on!

A simple way to measure is to drape a tape measure around the neck, mimicking the way you would like the necklace to fit.  Or if you do not have a soft tape measure, use a piece of string to drape around the neck and measure the string against the tape measure.  This will give you the length you are most comfortable with.  If there is a specific size you are looking for within the size ranges we offer (for example "11" long") leave us a note in the comments section during checkout.  We will send you the piece we have that comes closest to the length you request. 

To measure our necklaces we unscrew/unclasp the necklace and hold it in the air against a ruler.  We do not pull on the necklace to straighten it out. We tell you this as often different methods of measuring amber necklaces can produce variations of up to 1/2".  Also, it is not unusual for amber necklaces to stretch a bit in length over time.  (This does not apply to our gemstone or hazel wood necklaces.)

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