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Heartland Dreams is currently on hiatus.

Welcome to Heartland Dreams where you will find cloth diapers of all kinds--pockets, fitteds, all-in-two's and covers. You will also find items made by the kids of Heartland Dreams--crocheted items from my daughter, and woodworking from the boys.


Sizing and Product information

Please note that there are 2 size tables on this page--one for diapers made with woven materials, and one for diapers made with knits.

"Woven" materials have very little stretch and include, but aren't limited to, PUL, flannel, cotton or polyester woven prints, and suedecloth.

"Knits" tend to be stretchy and include, but aren't limited to, cotton or poly jersey, interlock or rib knits; crushed panne velour; cotton or bamboo velour, fleece, french terry or loop terry; microchamois; and microfleece.

If even one of the diaper layers is 'woven', use the size table for wovens, even if other materials in the diaper are knit. The woven will prevent the stretchier fabrics from being able to stretch.

Diapers made from knit fabrics tend to fit a wider size range due to the stretch. The rise will tend to be the most important measurement in deciding between size ranges.

It is possible for you child to wear a different size in knits and woven diapers.

*The knit table has a size "extra small" that is not yet available in wovens.  This size is great for larger newborns who typically can't wear regular newborn sizes for more than a minute, or slightly older babies who are smaller, especially in the thighs and not quite ready for smalls.

If you have ANY questions about whether a particular diaper will fit your baby please contact me at and I will work with you to get the best fit.

WOVEN Size Table

Size Weight Rise Waist Leg
Newborn 6-11 lbs 10"-12" 9"-14" 6"-9"
Small 9-17 lbs 12"-16" 12"-18" 6"-12"
Medium 15-25 lbs 13"-17" 12"-22" 6"-14"
Large 19-35 lbs 14"-18" 14"-23" 8"-15"
Extra Large 30+ lbs 15"-19" 16"-26" 9"-16"

KNIT Size Table

Size Weight Rise Waist Leg
Newborn 6-13 lbs 11"-13" 8"-16" 6"-10"
Extra Small* 9-15 lbs 12"-14" 9"-18" 7"-11"
Small 11-19 lbs 13"-16" 11"-21" 7"-13"
Medium 17-27 lbs 14"-17" 11"-24" 8"-14"
Large 22-35 lbs 15"-18" 12"-26" 8"-15"

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