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Care Instructions

Cloth Diapers:
Run a cold rinse first. 
Then a HOT wash with detergent(this amt varies based on what you are using and what kind of water you have, ask me if you have questions).
Then 2 cold rinses.
Dry on low-medium heat or line dry!
**There are many different methods to washing diapers. It takes some trial and error. If you are having issues feel free to ask me any questions you may have!**

Drop a pea sized amount(or more if using a big bucket) of lanolin balm(or lansinoh) into a small amount of water in a coffee cup.  Heat in the microwave for 1 minute, in 30 sec. increments.  Then stir like crazy till well mixed.
Add this mixture to a sink or bucket full of luke warm water. Swish around with your hand. 
Add your wool items and push them down until they are fully submerged. 
Allow to sit for about an hour.

To wash your wool:
Fully submerge your wool item in luke warm water.  Using you wool wash bar, work the soap into the wool.
Using your hands, continue to scrub the wool, paying attention to any stains.
Submerge the wool again into the water and allow to sit for about 15 minutes.
Drain your water, then rinse the wool very gently under luke warm water.

To dry wool:
NEVER wring your wool out! Be very gentle with it!
I lay it flat in the sink and push on it with my hand several times. 
Then lay it on a towel and roll the towel up.  Step on the towel gently so the towel can absorb more water.
Then lay flat to dry.
(you can also put it in your washer and run a spin cycle, just be very careful that it is on spin only and doesn't fill with water)

You can find wool wash bars and lanolin balm on etsy or hyenacart.

I recently found a better way!
Wash your fleece separately. 
Wash with cold water and a small amount of detergent.  Add fabric softener to the rinse cycle (use the instructions from the bottle of softeneer)
Dry on medium heat
**I found that adding fabric softener adds a little build up to the fleece making it a little more water resistent.**

Mama Cloth:
I personally just throw my pads in with my diapers.

Wash with like colors as you would normally wash clothes.

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