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Jamie and Bonnie have really enjoyed working with our amazing customers over the last year! We've been talking for some time and have decided that it is time to close up Fishsticks & Jam. It's a bittersweet decision for both of us. We've loved working together, and we've loved working with all of you, but we're excited about having more time to spend with our families. Bonnie will be focusing more time on developing new patterns for her design shop Fishsticks Designs, too. The incredibly talented Denise of This-End-Up will be taking over the sewing of F&J Trainers. You can always find Jamie and Bonnie on our blogs, and we'd love to stay in touch with you! Bonnie blogs at Fishsticks & Fries, and you can find Jamie at Jam Side Up.

Thank you so much for your amazing support over the last year!

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