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A Message from Sam - Founder of Ella Bella Bum

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your interest and for taking the time to learn more about Ella Bella Bum Cloth Diapers. With the help of so many wonderful supporters, Ella Bella Bum has experienced a steady growth over the past 3+ years and I’m so proud to tell you about the businesses humble beginnings and bright future!

EBB’s Humble Beginnings

I began sewing cloth diapers after a disappointing “mass manufactured” cloth diapering experience with my second son. After over a year of sewing for my own children, much trial and error, and extensive real world product testing, I began selling cloth diapers on a popular Hyena Cart Congo, Bella Tesori. The fresh look of Ella Bella Bum Diapers soon attracted a North American audience and word spread of the unique designs and amazing fit.

In Jan 2010, I opened my own shop on Hyena Cart which allowed for a more targeted audience and increased product selection. Over the next 2 years, EBB continued to steadily grow and the demand for EBB diapers couldn’t be met by myself and part time help from my husband Courtney. In the Spring of 2012 I hired a good friend to help with childcare and production tasks. Together we were able to increase production volumes but despite the increase in the amount of diapers being stocked, many customers were being left empty handed week after week.

EBB Expansion

The atmosphere at EBB headquarters is fun and lively yet the attention to detail and impressive top notch quality remains strong as all members of the EBB team are parents themselves. Everyone works to ensure that you receive nothing but the best for your little one.

Our  Bright Future

The road from sole responsibility to  team collaboration has had its learning curves.  But with each experience comes the opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Which aids in building a well rounded, customer focused business.

Our goals over the next few months include streamlining the EBB product line, further increasing the uniqueness and creativity of  EBB diapers, launching a new website, and to consistently offer these unique and popular products via continued weekly stockings at www.ellabellabum.com.

About the EBB Team

Sam Campbell is the founder, owner, and creative designer of Ella Bella Bum Inc. Her husband Courtney is very supportive of the business venture and has been a strong  driving force behind EBB from the very beginning.  Courtney is a trade carpenter and has been instrumental in the building of the production space and selflessly aids wherever needed. Together they have four beautiful children: Bailey - 11, Chase - 6, Ariella (Ella) - 4, and Graysen - 2.

The EBB team at present also includes 3 production assistants and 3 local WAHM seamstresses.

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Ella Bella Bum Inc. has been hosted on Hyena Cart since Jan 2010