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What Makes Domino Pads the Perfect Pad for Your Period, Pregnancy and Postpartum?




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-The core layers vary by absorbency rating but all are made from bamboo blend fabric with the top layer being luxuriously soft 

Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV)

Why Bamboo?
"Bamboo possesses a property called "Bamboo Kun" which means that it is naturally anti-microbial. Even through processing into fabric and after fifty washes, bamboo fabrics retain their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial nature, according to research by Japan Textile Inspection Association. This makes it suitable for those sensitive to allergens and also helps to reduce body odor, without the risk of allergic reaction sometimes associated with exposure to the chemicals used to give other materials similar properties."

- Longevity of anti-bacterial properties. As noted above the longevity of the natural anti-microbial properties of bamboo far outlast any other natural material. For example the anti-microbial properties of silk are contained in the sericin that surrounds the silk fibers. The sericin is removed by the use of soap and hot water (think laundry day!)

- Another benefit of bamboo is that unlike micro-fleece or flannel it really stays beautiful wash after wash without pilling.

- The shape. You have curves and our pads do, too! Domino Pads are designed to conform to your body/panty to provide maximum coverage with minimum bulk.

- Domino Pads have no-bulk, single layer flaps/wings. You don't need all of the top layers wrapped around your panty. You need absorbent layers on top and one, secure single layer snapped around your panty to hold the pad in place.
Nobody wants to feel like they are wearing a diaper!

- Domino Pads are breathable. PUL and ProCare are great barrier fabrics for wetbags, etc. but your skin needs to breathe. That's why we chose leak-proof Windpro Fleece as our barrier layer.

- NEW! A new optional design feature has just been introduced: Wing reinforcement strips prevent the fleece from stretching out over time

- Domino Pads are HEMP FREE. Hemp works great for some people but others experience irritation from hemp, stiffness of the fabric or odor retention. That's why we chose to go Hemp Free on our pads.

- Domino Pads' absorbent layers are securely attached to the Fleece layer along the sides but openings have been left on both ends to allow for airflow in the dryer for reduced drying time!

- Serged with cozy soft Woolly Nylon thread for your comfort

- Now with lightweight polyresin snaps

- All Bamboo fabrics used are ORGANIC cotton/bamboo to further reduce the impact on the environment

Domino Pads are available in natural, unbleached/undyed as well as in these hand-dyed color patterns:

On Fire, Earth Mama, Still Waters, Very Berry, Raspberry Pop, Stormy Skies and Midnight Tulip

Please note that this dye technique yields very varied patterns and every piece is unique. The pictures are examples. The pad you will receive will  not look exactly the same.

Domino Pads come in 4 different sizes and 3 different absorbency levels:

  • Heavy absorbency cloth pad, approximately 12" soaker/ 13" liner in length - perfect for nights or postpartum.

  • Plus Size pantyliner and medium absorbency pad,  approximately 12" soaker/ 13" liner

  • Heavy absorbency cloth pad, approximately 10.5" soaker/ 11.5" liner

  • Medium absorbency cloth pad, approximately 10.5" soaker/11.5" liner in length.

  • Pantyliner approximately 8.5" soaker/ 9.5" liner in length.

  • Petite Size medium and heavy absorbency pad, approximately 8.5" soaker/ 9.5" liner in length.

  • Petite liner approximately 7" soaker/ 8" liner in length.

When snapped and laying down flat regular Domino Pads measure approx. 3" across the center, petite pads 2.5".


  • For your convenience medium absorbency pads are color-coded: medium absorbency pads have a yellow inner liner (vs. heavy absorbency's natural liner)



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