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Banana Bottoms Cloth Diapers is a registered business in Nova Scotia, Canada.  I am a WAHM of 4 kids, ranging in age from 1 through 11.  I have used cloth diapers on all of my children and started sewing my own when my oldest was still a baby.  I am strongly committed to the environment and strive to provide an affordable diapering system that will allow others to lead a low impact lifestyle as well.
All of my bamboo diapers are certified according to OEKO-TEX 100 standard 100, which means they have been tested for harmful substances which are prohibited or regulated by law and chemicals which are known to be harmful to health.  My fabric is milled in Canada and then is sewn in my home in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Bamboo fabric is a beautiful fabric to touch: soft and silky, it retains this softness wash after wash.  It is used unbleached and undyed to remain as minimally impactive on our earth as possible.
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Banana Bottoms Cloth Diapers
Banana Bottoms Cloth Diapers


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