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Hi, and welcome to Woolful Comforts at Black Bird Lane. Here you will find a little bit of everything for the cloth diapering mama! Cloth diapers, wipes and mama cloth made by Terri of Black Bird Lane and hand crocheted & Knitted wool products made by Irene of Woolful Comforts.

The two of us have joined together to bring you the best of both worlds. Diapers and Wool!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them. Every item is made with the Comfort of you and your baby in mind. So feel free to spoil them while you're visiting Woolful Comforts at Black Bird Lane.

NOTE: Terri and myself are having some problems with the yahoo group. One being I just deleted everyone by mistake. Im sorry for this, please rejoin! I promise not to delete you again. Sorry about that.

Woolful Comforts: Contact Irene or Grace.

Black Bird Lane: Contact Terri.

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