Care Instructions

While everyone's cloth diaper washing method differs, some principals remain the same. If you have hard water, you'll want to use the appropriate amount for the size of your load, just like with regular laundry. Use a smaller, yet sufficient amount in diaper laundry if you have soft water.  

While I don't recommend any particular brands because everyone has their own preference, my own personal detergent preference is Tide liquid. That's what works best for us. 

I recommend rinsing/spraying all wet/dirty diapers before throwing them into the pail. Rinsing them goes a LONG way in preventing staining and stink issues.   I also don't recommend letting wet diapers sit longer than 2 days before laundering. We do diaper laundry every day here at home. I rotate my own diaper stash to make sure that diapers are being used equally, and so that the daily laundering doesn't wear any of them out sooner than others (except for our favorites!). 

I do recommend that you line/hang dry your fitteds some of the time if possible. I typically put them in the dryer for 5-10 on low minutes to soften them up, and line dry for the remainder. This just helps the outer prints to stay in nicer shape for longer. 


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