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About Me

My name is Julie, I'm 30 years old and live in North Carolina. I just bought my own house which is so exciting to finally have a place to make my own.

I'm engaged to a wonderful solider Justin and mom to our three fur babies our cats Booger Twilight and our dog Squirt.

I starting doing my jewelry when Justin was over seas. It gave me something to do to keep busy with him gone and it just grew from there. I love being able to take something so simple and turn it into something that is beautiful and that I know someone will enjoy for a while to come.

At The Jewelry Box every product that is listed is hand made and completely original. I don't do duplicate items so once something is sold out there will not be another one like it in my store. That's what gives The Jewelry Box it's originality and it's products their complete uniqueness.

So please, take your time look around and if you have any questions or feedback  about any of my products please feel free to contact me at Julieeg_81@yahoo.com

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