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PreFitted Cloth Diapers

PreFitted™ Diapers are cloth diapers made from thick, absorbent, high quality, all-cotton prefolds. They combine the cuteness and convenience of a fitted diaper with the economy and durability of a prefold. The best of both worlds!

How should I use a PreFitted™?

PreFitteds™ should be used like any fitted diaper. They are very absorbent but need a cover to be waterproof. Use a Snappi or pins to secure the diaper. Like prefolds, PreFitted™ diapers are completely adjustable as you can still fold down the front or the back of the diaper to change the rise. The extended tabs mean that the diapers accomodate all shapes and sizes and fit your baby longer!

Snaps can also be added to your diaper for an additional charge, but we find this reduces the adjustability because then you can't fold down the back or front of the diaper.  The magic of the PreFitted™ is that it fits virtually every body shape and adapts as your baby grows.

How should I use a Snappi Diaper Fastener?

Yes, you CAN use a Snappi with a fabric-embellished prefold or PreFitted™. When securing your diaper, you attach the Snappi in much the same way that you do a regular prefold. Hook one side (either left or right), then hook the other, and do nothing with the center "Y" hook. The center hook is not actually securing anything in this case, but we haven't found it to be a problem. Please remember to use a securely-fastened diaper cover to prevent baby from playing with the Snappi diaper fastener while it is in use!

How should I wash and care for PreFitted™ diapers?

You can wash and dry your PreFitted™ diapers just as you do any other diaper.  If you already wash prefolds, you can use the same laundry routine for your PreFitteds™. We usually wash our diapers three times: an initial cold soak, a hot wash with detergent, and then a final wash or rinse to make sure all detergent is out. Bleach at your own risk. You can expect normal fading of cotton fabric prints and dyed diapers over time. We recommend doing a dry pail and using minimal detergent when washing diapers (1/4-1/2 of the regular amount). For a list of detergents and their pros/cons, visit the Diaper Jungle detergent chart.

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