Next stocking will be Saturday 09/15/12, or find us on facebook for our customs list!!


Customs List

My customs are now closed. I may hold a drawing for a custom spot at one of my upcoming congo stockings. I will announce it on Facebook when I do.

Thank You for your interest

You pick the fabric & all options. I can make Fitteds, AI2, Fleece AIO, or covers. 

Fabric Options:

Pricing (pricing is approximate, additional options add $$'s):

Custom OS Fitteds: $24, snapping only

Custom OS AI2: $28 and up, snapping only

Custom OS Fling's, Embellished diapers, or Switches $40

Custom OS Embellished Flings $45

Fleece AIO Nighttime Dipes: $19. Not available in OS.

Fabrics Available

Outer - Minky, Cotton Knit, cotton woven, jersey, fleece (pics available upon request)

Inner - Minky, CV, OBF (Organic Bamboo Fleece), or fleece

Serged Snap In Soakers -  Made from OBF and zorb, topped with Minky. Fleece AIO's come with sewn in soakers made of 4 layers of OBF (NEW as of 12/15/10, intro pricing!!)  & 2 layers of zorb.

Turn around time is currently running four weeks.

Custom Fitteds, and a Pocket tester

Custom Starter Stash, Fitteds, FAIO's, AI2's & Covers

Action Shot, PLUMP OS on a 30 lb toddler

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