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Personalized Blankets make wonderful gifts!
With Custom Ordering you have the flexibility to design a blanket to fit your own personal style!

Simply choose Minkee color and embroidery, we'll help you find the perfect reverse print or choose double-sided minkee (minkee on both sides).
Embroidery colors can be changed to match.

If you have questions, Feel free to contact us about a custom!

You can contact directly at MonsterFluffStudio@gmail.com or leave us a message through hyenacart.

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Monster Fluffies:
Plain- $12-$15
Embroidered- $22
Add sensory ribbons- $2
Add Double-sided Minkee- $2

Minkee Car Seat Blankets (average size 25"x26")
Plain- $25
Embroidered- $35
Add Sensory Ribbons- $5
Add Double Minkee- $5

Minkee Stroller Blankets (average size 31""x32")
Plain- $39
Embroidered- $49
Add Sensory Ribbons- $5
Add Double Binding- $10
Add Double-sided Minkee- $5
Add Monogram Letters- $2.50 each

*Prices do not include shipping*
*High thread count embroideries are $2 more*

**Once your order is finalized, please allow 2-3 weeks for your custom order to be completed.**

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All of our blankets are handmade with quality fabrics.
We hope you love our fluff as much as we do!
Thank you for supporting two Work-At-Home-Moms.



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