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WAHM made to order cloth diapers. Custom orders can take 3 to 5 weeks to complete especially on larger orders of 6 or more diapers.

Nykibaby One Size Pocket diaper(8lbs to 35lbs+)Colors~$15 Prints~ $17
Nykibaby One Size All In Two(8lbs to 35lbs+)Colors~$20 Prints ~ $22
Micro fiber insert~$2.00(No Bulk Discount)
Hemp/Bamboo Insert~$5.00 (No Bulk Discount)
Bamboo/Cotton insert~$3.00 (No Bulk Discount)

Newborn Very Baby Fitted Diaper(birth to 12lbs) cotton~$13.00
Newborn Very Baby Fitted Diaper(birth to 12lbs) Hemp or Bamboo~$16.00
Very Baby Fitted One Size Diaper(10lbs to 35lbs)Hemp Or Bamboo~$21.00

Sugar Plum Baby Fitted With a Print:
Newborn(Birth to 12lbs) Cotton~$12.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$15.00
Small(10lbs to 15lbs)Cotton~$13.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$16.00
Medium(15lbs to 25lbs 16 inch rise)Cotton~$16.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$19.00
Large(25lbs to 40lbs 18 inch rise)Cotton~$18.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$21.00

Sugar Plum Baby Fitted Basic:
Newborn(Birth to 12lbs) Cotton~$10.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$13.00
Small(10lbs to 15lbs)Cotton~$11.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$14.00
Medium(15lbs to 25lbs 16 inch rise)Cotton~$14.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$17.00
Large(25lbs to 40lbs 18 inch rise)Cotton~$16.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$19.00

Bulk Pricing:(Diapers only and I do not accept coupons on bulk pricing)
3 to 5 diapers you get 15% off diapers
6 To 11 diaper get you 20% off diapers
12 diapers gets you 30% off diapers

Please purchase a $5 custom order spot when ordering 3 or more diapers so we can apply the bulk discount and yes we do mix and match the diapers for the discount in size and type. Max order size is 12 diapers.

Coupons are not accepted on bulk pricing!

Please check out these links from the Federal Trade Commision on Bamboo Textiles

We as WAHM's and consumers have been confused please check out these statements issued by the Federal Trade Commission! How to Avoid Bamboozling Your Customers

Monkey Toe Diapers will be making diapers of  "Rayon made of Bamboo" which is the same bamboo fabric we have always used and others use but be aware the Federal Trade Commission does not view this fabric as Organic and we also will follow this rule.  I am making this statement as an honest WAHM and to provide this information to you the consumer.  I was also Bamboozled by all the hype with the fabric as well and I will stand behind our Federal Trade Commissions Statements unless other valid source proof comes out proving otherwise

Susan Mraz

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