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Hybrid Fitted Diaper Info

Hybrid Fitted Diapers

Hybrid Fitteds Diapers are constructed with cotton prints outside, moisture resistant Poly Fleece core, plush Cotton Velour or Organic Bamboo Velour layer next to baby's skin. These diapers still require a cover to be 100% waterproof, but the Poly Fleece core significantly reduces the transfer of moisture to the outside of the diaper while still being very breathable.  All Hybrid Fitted Diapers come with a snap down rise to fit your smaller or future little seedlings.

These diapers are constructed with one layer of plush cotton velour or organic bamboo velour, one layer of heavy bamboo fleece, and one layer of print fabric.  All Little Seedlings Diapers come with a snap down rise to fit your smaller or future little seedlings.

All Hybrid Fitted diapers come with a fold over, Contour Style Insert that is topped with either plush cotton velour or organic bamboo velour to coordinate with the inner of the shell.  These diapers also come with an additional matching Super Doubler to fit between the soaker layers for 3 more layers of absorbency. I only use high quality, Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece.  I use the heaviest fleece available to get the maximum amount of absorbency out of the inserts.  Entire soaker system with doubler included give you 9 thirsty layers of absorbency.  The design of the Fold Over insert gives you the maximum absorbency with a fast dry time.

Fitted diapers require a cover to be waterproof, although many babies go coverless at home.

Diapers are handmade and are not 100% perfect. I am always working on improving them and strive for quality craftsmanship using high quality materials.  I work very hard to make all diapers consistent in sizing and fit.

I will not sell a diaper that is not functional. If you have any questions about an item please email me before you purchase at littleseedlingsdiapers@hotmail.com

All fabrics are prewashed/preshrunk prior to sewing. Bamboo fleece does retain some natural oils and will need to be washed several times to reach maximum absorbency.

Newborn Diapers fit approximately 7-10 lbs.
One Size Diapers fit approximately 10-35+ lbs.
Toddler Diapers fit approximately 20-45+ lbs

**Sizes are approximate and fit varies slightly due to the types of fabric used.  These sizes are only accurate with the included Fold Down Rise (FDR) snaps.  Should you choose the option of leaving off these snaps your diaper will not fit the smaller size range listed (this is true for One Size and Toddler only)

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