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Reconnect with nature. The bath and body products we offer are handmade with your ultimate comfort in mind. When you buy Earth Muffin™ you know it's natural. If you have dry skin, preservative sensitivity, allergies or just need some pampering, Earth Muffin™ specially selected and carefully crafted line of lotions, body washes, scrubs, balms and ointments will have your skin saying thank you again and again.

Earth Muffin™ was started out of necessity. My daughter not only inherited my brown eyes, she was also blessed with my extremely sensitive skin. No matter what I used on her, she always had a rash. At first I looked for alternative products around town but when I found that none were readily available, I started to research how to make my own.

I became fascinated with the properties of different oils, butters and herbal extracts. At the same time, I started to look more closely at all the body products our family used. It was frightening to be confronted with all the chemicals we were putting on our skin. It was shortly after that moment I started to create products for my family. I was so enthusiastic (or as my husband puts it obsessed) that I could use natural ingredients to create a body butter that would not irritate my child’s skin.

After encouraging reviews from friends and family, I decided to launch Earth Muffin™ as a business. From hours of research and extensive testing, I came up with an entire line of natural bath and body products that not only rival the big box labels… they are superior! My client’s love how they work and I love that I can offer something that is safer for your skin and better for your body as a whole.

Do you want to reconnect with nature?

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